There are some essential requirements the Monopoly regulated market requests from each producer.

We believe it is important to communicate you those features to improve the quality of our collaboration:
  • Be able to wait for the right market opportunity. The only investment in approaching the market is the time investment, because not every producer can offer their product in each launch plan.
  • Collaborate with People Wine in order to offer the product that best suits the market request.
  • Respect deadlines as the Monopoly gives deadlines to offer the product. After the deadline we won’t be able to offer your product anymore.

On the other hand, People Wine responds to these features giving a full support at each stage. We inform you at each market opportunity your products might fit, we prepare the offer for you, make sure the offer is successfully accepted by the Monopoly and give a feedback of your product.

In case the Monopoly will select your product in the blind tasting we will be in charge of delivery, the marketing of your product and constantly give updates on the performance of your product in the market.

Do you want to contact us?
Purchase Manager: Polina Dernova
Phone number: 0046 700 676 834
Skype: polinadernova