Below is the description of customer segmentation announced by Systembolaget. All data is composed by Systembolaget. The customer segmentation is divided into eight groups. By reading this analysis, you will know better the different consumer behavior in Swedish market.

If you were Swedish, which group would define yourself?

Group 1. Cautious traditionalists (17%)

The cautious traditionalists are thought to be more traditional. They occasionally drink on special events which people celebrate together with alcohol.This group includes both women and men who are over 60 years old  and people whose income is lower than average.

Since they have traditional characters, they don’t like to try new products and not interested in alcohols specially. They have more interested in music, arts and books.

They buy the alcohol at Systembolaget with lower frequency such as once two months or even less. When they decide to shop alcohol, they buy more wine and beer instead of cider and mixed beverages.

Consumption index: 42

Group 2. Blokes who yearn to learn (8%)

The amount of consumption and the frequency in this group are both higher compared to other groups. It mainly includes men aged between 30 to 60 and mostly in big cities. The examiners have full time job and above-average income. They have more active interests, such as motor sports, hunting and fishing.

Beer is the major consumption of this group but they are willing to try new products. The consumption is double compared to other segments, not only beer but also spirits, wine and other beverages. The main reason they consume alcohol is to treat themselves and also to enjoy the “boys’ night out.”

They shop at Systembolaget more frequent, once every two weeks or more. They try the find something from the New Products shelf every time they shop or something they have tasted in bars.

Consumption index: 153

Group 3. Sophisticated connoisseurs (13%)

The sophisticated connoisseurs have particular interests in alcohol. They desire to know the new products and the latest vintage wine. They like to join parties and are willing to show people their knowledge. The pair of food and wine is important for them.

This group includes both men and women, mainly is people over 50 years old with high income and higher educations. Their interests are traveling, reading and cooking.

The prefer to have wine with the friends while having the nice dinner. The mainly reason for alcohol consumption is to create a romantic atmosphere. Compared to other groups, this group consumes similar amount of spirits, sightly less beer and had amount of cider and mixed drinks.

The sophisticated connoisseurs shop once a month or more frequent at Sytembolaget. They read the review of wine or get the recommendation before they buy the new products. They also read the shelf-edge label before they take the products.

Consumption index: 115

Group 4. Multifaceted connoisseurs (1.4%)

The multifaceted connoisseurs are a small number in this analysis. The reason why we separated it from Sophisticated connoisseurs is their main interest is the wine, beer and whisky. In their social cycle, they have great influence when it comes to alcohol beverages. People ask for the suggestion from them.

They are expert THE WORLD IN WHICH WE OPERATE Launch plan 2012 • 6 rounders. They are deeply interested in learning more about alcohol and familiar with brands. They are mainly composed by over 50 years old men living in buildup area or medium-size town with their partner and child. They are educated and interested in cooking, traveling, clubs and societies, and golf.

The mainly consumption is wine in this group, almost twice as much as the other groups. They drink alcohol to create a romantic atmosphere and to learn more as well. They have wine during the dinner when there is no special occasion.

The multifaceted connoisseurs visit Systembolaget once a month or more. They also like to try new products after they read the reviews or the store staff recommendation.

Consumption index: 140

Group 5. Unpretentious bon vivants (13%)

Bon vivants like to enjoy life. They don’t have high knowledge level in alcohol, but they are keen to learn more.  Alcohol is a part of their daily life. They enjoy the food paired to the wine and a glass of wine while they are cooking.

This group contains both men and women who is over 40 years old. They have nice educated level, full-time job, high income and live with family. They enjoy sailing, golf and cooking in their spare time.

They like to have drinks outdoor or by themselves this is different from other groups. They consume more wine than other beverages. They fell luxurious and sophisticated when they are drinking and also they think wine might be good for their health.

The unpretentious bon vivants shop once a month or more. They but new product less frequent and they also buy the new products after reading review, recommendation form friends and labels on the shelf-edge label.

Consumption index: 140

Group 6. Social experience seekers (10%)

They are young, curious and have the life including challenges. For them, standing out from cored is critical and seeking for brands reflects what they like and who they are. They have alcohol drinks for social reason. This group is social experience seekers.

This group is composed by 18-30 years old men and women. They are students with low income and interested in music, fashion, partying and restaurant visits. They mainly consume beers when they are in the outdoor, such as picnics and festivals. The consumption of cider and mixed drinks is higher than other groups. The reason of consumption is to feel relax, to get drunk and to feel escaping from the daily life for a little while.

The social experience seekers shop every two week or more. They don’t but the new products every time but they are keen to try something new after they get the recommendation from friends and also the bottle looks attractive.

Consumption index: 123

Group 7. Healthy security seekers (13%)

The health security seekers includes mainly 20-39 years old women. Many of them are full-time workers or students. They want to be looked young and keep up with fashion, the appearance is critical for them. They don’t have particular high level of alcohol knowledge but they are keen to learn and try new things.

They have higher consumption of cider and mixes drinks, especially for the pre-parties and celebrations. They drink alcohol in order to feel more relax, to enjoy the atmosphere and to indulge themselves.

The health security seekers visit once a month or less at Systembolaget and they buy new products for every visit. The shape of bottles is one of the factors which affect this group to buy new products.

Consumption index: 74

Group 8. Folksy bargain hunters (13%)

The folksy bargain hunters have traditional characters and do not have standout form the average. They think price is important and the wine is snobbery product. This group is happy to drink the same wine, it doesn’t matter the situation and season. Also, they are keen to have “in stock” at home.

The majority people of this segment are over 50 years old men and women. They have average educated level and averaged income. They watch sports, traveling and clubs and societies in their spare time.They consume more when they are not at work, such as at the summer cottage, on the boat and on holiday. They primary drink beer and wine but the secondary consumption, spirits, is also high. They drink alcohol because it does with the situation and it is traditional.
The folksy bargain hunters shop once a month or less. They don’t really buy the new product as mentioned, they are happy to consume the same drink all the time. If they do, it is because their friend recommend them to do that.

Consumption index: 89

Source of above information: Systembolaget Lanseringsplan 2012

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