Systembolaget is the monopoly distributor of alcohol beverages in Sweden. Serving 9.5 millions Swedish and more than 400 stores in Sweden, it is one of the largest buyers of wine and spirits from producers in the world. Besides the 400 chain stores, Systembolaget also have the partnership with other 500 stores where consumers can pick up products sold via Systembolaget. It has great range of alcohol collections which selected by the strict purchase process.

Opportunity and Responsibility

It is an incredible chance to be a licensed supplier as an imported agent which implies the great opportunities for the producers who we have close partnerships with and as well as the big responsibilities. To work with Systembolaget, we and our partners must obey the rules and do our best to match the requirements of tenders in order to access the ordinary ranges. To succeed, we believe the close relationship with our international partners is important and it enhances the chance to reach the Systembolagets requirements.

Systembolaget purchase all products via licensed importers like People Wine. If you are interested to distribute your products via Systembolaget you have to contact an importer.

Do you want to contact us?
Purchase Manager: Polina Dernova
Phone number: 0046 700 676 834
Skype: polinadernova