Sweden has a Monopoly regulated Market. In order to import alcoholic products to Sweden all producers will need to pass though a Tender process.

The tender process is not easy to understand and there are several steps to successfully sell a product through the Monopoly.

Our aim is to show producers what to expect from the tender process with the following picture:

The Monopoly does a market research and informs People Wine on the general characteristics of the product we need to look for. After a further market research, the Monopoly gives People Wine the exact characteristics we need to look for the given tender and we will communicate it to you. If your product matches the tender requirements, the product is offered to the Monopoly, which will select in a blind tasting which products will be imported in the market. We will inform you on the Monopoly decision and if the offered product has been selected we will start importing it. We will be in charge of delivery and we do prepayments.

It is important to understand this is an investment and a long-term collaboration between our Companies. Not in every launch plan we will be looking for one of your products, but we will constantly inform you on each Market Opportunity that might be of your interest.

The investments we require from you is a time investment. Indeed, in order to approach the market, we need to wait for the request of your product and the success of your product in the blind tasting.

What we give from our side is a constant update of the market, information on each market opportunity of your interest, a full support in each tender phase, feedback of the offered product, prepayment options, opportunity to sell your products in our Horeca channel, marketing of your product on different platforms and journal.

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