Info for producer

How we want to work with our partners:

As a relatively small company we try to be dynamic and quick in our communication with supplier partners. In order to get into our market we know that it is extremely important to have an ongoing dialogue with those who we work with and prepare our offers well in advance. Furthermore we do not believe in one time shots this is not our way of working. We only look out for long terms partners interested to build a relationship with our company and together do well in our market.

How we want our supplier partners to be:

We look out for partners interested in long term co-operation. We look out for partners ready to invest a year or two in order to get in to our market. For us, it is important that the suppliers we work with are eager to understand our market and also have a willingness to adopt its products to our market.

We like to have close relationship with our partners. We believe the good partnership is made from mutual trust, good communications and different sides of professionals. We understand the market and know how to maximum the opportunity to win the competition and the producers know the wine. We think that is the key for accessing the market successfully.

Do you want to contact us?
Purchase Manager: Polina Dernova
Phone number: 0046 700 676 834
Skype: polinadernova